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City University has become my second home

Starting off my search for a postgraduate degree was hard an frankly annoying. Schools in the states were so specific with what they wanted from students and it became such a hassle. When I stumbled upon Across The Pond's advertisement I was curious. At that point I knew that I couldn't financially be able to go overseas for school, but I gave it a shot to see what they were about and what they offered.

The very next day I got a personal email from my advisor with a bunch of information that would help get me started with the process of looking overseas. I will admit it was overwhelming but the enthusiasm of my advisor made me really start to look into the process of applying and searching for schools. Any time I had a question (which was very often) I got a prompt email back to help me find resources and links to help me answer my questions.

I was very nervous moving overseas where I knew no one and I think with the influx of questions I started to ask gave away that I was nervous, and my advisor became so reassuring with the process and going over. The webinars and guides that were provided made everything so much easier, especially when it came time to apply for a Visa. With the webinar I was much less worried about the process and much more prepared for the application and everything that followed.

After settling into my accommodation and really taking a look around me I felt so good! It was such a relief that after the several months of applying and waiting for responses paid off and I was finally in London for my master's degree! City, University of London has become my second home and I am glad I chose to go here. The general location of the school is what attracted me to the school as well as the program and since being here there is so much the school offers between the Student Union to the City Sports center, there is always something to do! 

With the location I am able to visit all over London in minimal time! With the museums, theatre, parks and just the ability to walk around has made my downtime so much fun! I try and discover something new every week with my classmates and friends and with our varied interests you can guarantee that we will always be able to discover something new!

Rhea  Werner

City, University of London