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I am so thankful for Across the Pond for helping me achieve my dreams

Across the Pond was by far the best thing I have ever encountered. Without their help, I would not have been able to have achieved my dream of studying in the UK. They helped walk me through every step of the way and were so supportive and kind the entire time. My advisor was great at emailing me promptly and giving me all the advice she could. The webinars were super helpful and a great way for my parents to understand the process. 

The University of Essex is a fantastic place and I am so happy to have chosen to go here. Within the first week, I was already completely settled in and had made several friends. Colchester is a quaint town with beautiful countryside and rich history that is very different from home in Florida but giving me an experience that would not be possible back home.

Essex seemed like the best choice for me since it is not too far from London, but not actually in London, so I am able to visit easily when I want to visit the city. The town size is slightly larger than my hometown but not overwhelming, plus they offered great courses for my major and give me an experience that could not be matched in America. I absolutely love it here as there is always something happening on campus, plus I am surrounded by a population of international students allowing me to learn so much about other cultures as well.

I am so thankful for Across the Pond for helping me achieve my dreams.

Mekenzie  Toussaint

Essex, University of