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I love the people here

Why did you choose to study at the University of Southampton?
I chose the University of Southampton because I was really interested in the program of study. Most of the Marketing programs I was looking at were just Marketing, whereas, the University of Southampton had Marketing Management. I felt that this had a better sound to it for prospective employers and the course selection was more intriguing.

What were your first impressions of the University of Southampton?
First impression was that it was massive! It has a little bit of a bigger city vibe to it and the campus was fairly easy to navigate; A little warmer than expected as well. Love the people here, such a wide variety of domestic/international students and locals.

What do you enjoy the most about living in Southampton?
I love how close Southampton is to London and the sea. It is easy to get to the beach or water from here. I also love the Common on sunny days and my favourite place to frequent is the Mitre for a game of snooker and a pint with friends!

What is your favourite spot on campus?
My favourite place on campus is any grassy spot. Particularly in front of Arlott Bar or by the School of Business, Art and Law. So many green spaces to grab a sandwich from the shop and sit and eat with friends on nice days!

What has been your proudest accomplishment while you were in Southampton?
My proudest accomplishment while I have been here has been my work with the Students’ Union. I got a job in the marketing department when I first arrived and have been involved with freshers events, graduation ball and the rebranding of the student’s union. I get to engage with all types of students and make lasting memories through my work. 

Would you recommend the University of Southampton to students from your home country? If so, why?
I would absolutely recommend the University of Southampton to American Students. The possibilities for degree types are endless and the University is very well known in many specialist areas. The city has everything you need and more and we are only an hour away from London which is one of my favourite cities in the world.

What will you do with your degree after you have finished your studies?
I hope to get a job in Marketing in the hospitality, tourism or entertainment industries. Dream career would be to work with an airline, cruise line, or entertainment company that allows me to enhance my international business experience and of course do what I love most…. Travel!

Do you have any stories about your time in Southampton or a happy memory you want to share?
Anytime you move away from home it can be scary, but I can assure any prospective student that the friends and relationships I made during my time in Southampton will be with me for the rest of my life. I truly met some amazing and fun people here. Not just British friends either, I made friends from China, India, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Germany and I could really keep going! I can’t wait to see where our lives take us in the future and of course to visit them in their home countries!

Allison  Chambers

Southampton, University of