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A vibrant, coastal location

The best thing about studying at the University of Brighton was the vibrant, coastal location. Living here also gave me easy access to all of the hustle and bustle of London as well as the rest of Europe.

Without a doubt, the best part of my course was getting to know my lecturers and tutors. I often set up tutorial sessions prior to assignment deadlines and wound up getting to know my teachers much better in the process. I still keep in touch with some of them! I also think the diverse classes enhanced the classroom atmosphere.

Because of my degree I discovered I was most enthusiastic about sports mega-events and decided to pursue working with them as my career path.

I think you get out of the university experience what you put into it! You need to be open to learning in new ways from your peers and they will learn just as much from you - whether it’s in the pub, over a pizza, or at one of the many university social events.

Amelia  Hagen
University of Brighton