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Attentive and friendly

Across The Pond has made an incredible difference in my entire application experience. I have studied abroad once before, that time without anything like Across The Pond, so I can honestly say that Across The Pond's efforts make the entire process...

Name: Emilie Gauthier
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Broad range of partner universities

Studying in England is a fantastic opportunity. The education here is top notch, and the region has such a rich history. With the continent just a cheap plane ride away all the dream vacation spots are accessible for so cheap that a weekend getaway...

Name: Kory Cox
University: Oxford Brookes University
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Brunel has a strong and welcoming community

Why did you decide to study at Brunel?The Masters in Children, Youth and International Development suited my interests and passions better than any other programme I had seen. The campus setting of the University, as well as the high level of...

Name: Shahana
Course: MA Childen, Youth and International Development
University: Brunel University London
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Changed my life

I chose the MFA because it is studio-based….it felt like the perfect course and I didn’t need to pick a specialism.The study is intense with small class group numbers and great tutors who have a deep understanding of what art is. There are...

Name: Agata Bogacka
Course: MFA
University: West Dean College of Arts and Conservation
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City provides many opportunities

Why did you choose City, University of London?I chose City for several reasons, first and foremost because it is located in central London. I had been dreaming about returning to London ever since I studied abroad here during my undergraduate degree...

Name: Monica Foss
University: City, University London
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City University has become my second home

Starting off my search for a postgraduate degree was hard an frankly annoying. Schools in the states were so specific with what they wanted from students and it became such a hassle. When I stumbled upon Across The Pond's advertisement I was curious...

Name: Rhea Werner
University: City, University London
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Could not be happier

I first discovered Across The Pond at a graduate fair at Brown University. As I was not a graduate but, only completing my senior year of High School, I was unaware of how much help they would be to me. As I talked to my advisor, I found out that it...

Name: Ashley Foley
Course: BA English Literature
University: Middlesex University London
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Creative growth

When I set my sights on a career in fashion, Condé Nast College welcomed me with open arms. By giving me the space to build my own extensive, detailed, industry-level projects, I was able to take the reins of my creative growth. Through many hours...

Name: Kelly
Course: MA Creative Direction Fashion Media
University: Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design
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Easy commute to London

As far as cities in Canada are concerned, everything is huge and vastly spread out. There are tall buildings and massive six lane highways everywhere. So when I made the move from Canada to UK, it was a big change for me. Not only is the weather...

Name: Sai Save
University: University of Surrey
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Exactly what I was looking for

Why did you choose Roehampton?Roehampton's Creative Writing course in the heart of London was exactly what I was looking for. As a university that is not too big, it was easier to make the transition. What made you accept Roehampton?I accepted...

Name: Elliott David Nixon
Course: Creative Writing
University: University of Roehampton
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