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Falmouth is my home from home

Why Falmouth?While on my hunt in finding the most suitable foundation course for me, I carried a mental checklist of must haves for the university I would end up attending. The student work had to be really good, as it’s a reflection of not only the...

Name: Carmela Wilkins
Course: BA Art and Design (Foundation Course)
University: Falmouth University
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Sarah from Wisconsin is studying MSc Clinical and Abnormal Psychology at Swansea University.What did you do prior to studying at Swansea University? I studied my undergraduate degree in Minnesota USA, took a year to work, then moved to Wales.Why did...

Name: Sarah Salo
Course: MSc Clinical and Abnormal Psychology
University: Swansea University
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Far more enjoyable than I imagined

I was attracted to the UK’s three-year program that would allow me to focus on the subject I was most passionate about. Additionally, I was looking for a Biology curriculum that took an evolutionary approach. I ultimately chose the University of...

Name: Tiffany Slater
Course: Biology
University: University of Worcester
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Gave me the confidence I needed to make the move

Where do I start? I would have been lost without Across The Pond, especially my advisor! When I first started my research on universities in the United Kingdom, I just knew I wanted to study my Masters here; I had no idea of all it entailed....

Name: Elisa Summiel
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Great academic reputation

The main reason why I decided to come to Loughborough University was the academic reputation of the University as a whole, and more specifically the reputation of the school of Business and Economics. Physical fitness is also a priority in my...

Name: Justin Mosley
University: Loughborough University
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Great service, free of charge

I used the 'Study Across The Pond' service to help me apply for my Journalism MA in the UK. I remember asking over and over again if it there was a fee to pay because I couldn't believe such a great service was free of charge. From the very start,...

Name: Ahmad Al Hendi
Course: MA Journalism
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Hands-on experience

The BSc (hons) maritime business is for you if you wish to pursue a highly international and multicultural career that few, perhaps no other, industries can offer. As shipping accounts for 90–95 per cent of total global trade, it is one of the...

Name: Henrik Sollie Klokk
Course: BSc (Hons) Maritime Business
University: Solent University, Southampton
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Hard to say goodbye

When deciding to pursue a Master's degree in the UK I was really excited for my year long adventure, but very stressed about the path it would take to get there. Browsing through the Internet I stumbled upon Across the Pond and their services are...

Name: Laura Spell
University: Durham University
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Helped me every step of the way!

Across the Pond was highly recommended to me by a friend, and it was an incredibly useful resource throughout my application process. Coming from an American high school, my college counsellors didn't have a lot of experience with the UK...

Name: Sara Phillips
Course: Criminology
University: Durham University
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Helped me reach my goals

Across the Pond made the entire application process extremely easy! I was 6,000 miles away from the universities I was applying to and felt overwhelmed by work responsibilities and the burden of applying to schools. My advisor and Across the...

Name: Kyle Shaughnessy
University: University of Essex
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