You have applied and have been successful! It’s the most exciting part, but there are still some things to consider. After all, moving to study in another country is a big deal.

Your Personal Advisor will be on hand to offer you advise on the right VISA process to follow, to ensure you have your accommodation arranged with your new university and ensure you have any paperwork required for you to secure your funding.


Your personal Advisor will help you navigate what is often a labour intensive process of applying to an academic institution.  Most importantly, by following our step by step process you are significantly improving your chances of acceptance.


Are you thinking about studying in the UK but not sure where to start? You have come to the right place. With over 15 years of experience in helping North American students study in the UK, we can help you identify which University and program will be right for you.

Whether you want to discuss your GPA, a specific academic focus or location our team of UK Study Experts can offer suggestions based on first hand UK study experiences.

Why Across the Pond?

Over 15 Years Expert Experience in UK Study

For over 15 years we have provided a free counseling and advisory service to all students interested in undergraduate and graduate study at some of the best colleges and graduate schools in Britain and Europe.

Partnered with Top UK Universities

We are partnered with over 40 top UK universities across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, which offer the greatest range and breadth of courses at the highest academic level.

Meet the team

The Across the Pond team bring together a wealth of international study experience. We are proud to have several Advisors who previously studied in the UK using the Across the Pond service. They know what it takes to get accepted to UK universities and have first hand knowledge gained from their own time studying in the UK, plus college application and student support expertise gained at leading education institutions.

Events & Webinars


Across The Pond attend a number of events across the country throughout the fall season including college and graduate school fairs, information sessions, and pop-up information stands on college campuses.

Please check our full listing of events and come see us in a city near you!

As we are not able to get to all of our students in the US, we have also begun a series of webinars to help interested students learn more about studying in the UK and prepare them for the journey ahead.  

We'd love you to join us in our upcoming webinars!

How it works

Applying is surprisingly simple with the free guidance and expertise of the Across The Pond team.

In order to apply to our partner UK colleges and universities, make an enquiry and one of our UK Study Experts will respond to you. Whether you have a question about studying in the UK, would like more information on specific universities or programs or you are ready to start the application process, we can help!

About us

We are celebrating over 15 years of success as the UK Study Experts.

In a nutshell, here is what we do:


Across the Pond is the official American partner for several leading UK universities. Many of our partner British universities are famous for their high level in teaching and research, their excellent reputation attracts high calibre international staff and students.

Find out about the Across the Pond universities by region or explore the map below to learn more about Across the Pond’s official partners:


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