Share your Experience

We love hearing from our current and previous students both about their experience with Across the Pond and their time at their British university. Your insights and thoughts will inspire other students looking to go on a similar adventure in the UK.

Want to share your story? You can do this in four different ways - whichever suits you best! You can write a testimonial, contribute to our blog, make a video, or just send us some photos from your time at university in the UK. We appreciate all contributions, big or small! 

Need some tips on what to share?

  • How was the application process with Across the Pond? 
  • In what ways did Across the Pond help you/make the process easier? 
  • Why did you choose the university you are currently attending? 
  • How is university life so far? How is this different from student life in the States?
  • What are you studying and why? 
  • Describe a typical day on your course.
  • Where are you from and how is living in the UK different from home? 
  • Tell us about your accommodation.
  • What do you do in your spare time?