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  • The application process with Across the Pond – how did Across the Pond help you/make the process easier? 
  • Why did you choose your current university? 
  • What are you studying and why? 
  • What is university life like in the UK so far? How is this different from student life in the States?
  • Describe a typical day on your course. What are your fellow students and professors like?
  • Where are you from and how is living in the UK different from home? 
  • Tell us about your accommodation.

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  • Your experience with Across the Pond
  • Your favourite aspects of working with us
  • How useful the information was that we provided to you
  • What it is like to settle in to your university
  • What the town/city is like
  • Why you chose your university
  • What you do in your spare time

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